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It is hard to imagine a world without the pieces of Art and Architecture. Born from the birth of the site, right from the stone age there are traces of cave art. Since then, the art has gone through many ups and downs but still lined up for things that are indispensable to people of all time.

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Architecture is categorized into one of seven categories of art, sculpture, music, sociology, literature, theater, cinema. Architecture has a very early history in human society. There is much debate as to whether or not architecture is in the art. In fact, there are many architectural works that satisfy the needs of beauty, in addition to meeting the practical needs of people: stay, rest, labor.

Architecture in modern times is as important as other forms of art in human life. Civil engineering, industrial and urban infrastructure projects such as “mushroom after rain” meet not only the use but also the aesthetic element painting the colorful paintings of the Contemporary Architecture.

Today, the demand for construction of civil works, industrial works to urban technical infrastructure is extremely high. Besides the dependence on designers, skilled architects, you also need to learn more about architecture in particular, the art in general to know the flow of art and Contemporary architecture has reached new heights, applied into reality, …

In the age of digital technology, in order to find the information you need related to the art of architecture, do not be as fast and sensitive as the online sites specializing in the field. With the advantage of updating information on art and architecture in foreign countries continuously, saving time, effort for users, these specialized online websites serve as a tool to support the dark. Your inquiry about finding the relevant information is essential.

However, to choose a reliable Web site for the Arts and Architecture is not a simple thing, nowadays, on the Internet is a myriad of websites offering information to users. Want to learn more about this field.

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Below is a list of a number of websites on the field of art and architecture

– In the field of the Arts: Artsy

– In the field of DIY Art:

– In the field of Architecture: ArchDaily

– In the field of Home Design: Nha Dep

– In the field of interior design: Interior Design

Hopefully, these art and architecture websites will provide you with art and architecture works that are screened and selected to meet the most rigorous requirements on your part.

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